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My name is Mark Berry. After almost 45 years working in various aspects of the foodservice industry, I decided to create Mark Berry & Co., a consulting company to help new and existing operators get the business side of their operation either set up or reconfigured to improve financial results. I know how hard it is to be in the foodservice business. I've have been there – with many successes and yes, some failures too. I am another set of eyes with a lot of experience in seeing things that work.

In addition to management work, I also design and consult on kitchens, foodservice layouts, and locations with clients, architects, and design-builders.

I work with Restaurants, Resorts, Cafés, Delis, Clubs, Corporate Dining & Educational Facilities

 in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Upper New York, and Western Massachusetts.

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Many operators large and small are sometimes concerned that the cost of working with a consultant will be expensive and not necessarily productive in improving the results necessary to justify that expense. A good consultant is an experienced outside set of eyes that can often see things that have become…
In this blog post, I discuss why it is important to have a process in place for determining your Actual Food Cost on a regular basis.
In this blog, I discuss the primary importance and additional benefits of Sound Inventory Management and Regular Inventory Recording as related to your actual food cost.