About Us

Mark has been working in the foodservice industry as a restaurant chef, manager, owner, facility designer and consultant for over 40 years in the Mid-West and New England. He received his AOS degree from the New England Culinary Institute in 1989 where he also served as a chef instructor for two years. In 2018, he completed a 14 year career with Reinhart Foodservice of Burlington, Vermont working in positions that included sales, sales management, division chef and vice president of business development. He is now a free-lance consultant working with independent foodservice operators specializing in business analysis, design, marketing, and profit growth strategies & implementation. He resides in Berlin, Vermont.

& Co. is comprised of a loose knit group of advisors and culinary associates that assist and may become actively involved in various projects from time to time.

Our Process:

We meet with you and listen to you talk about anything related to your business that you want us to know or think about. For the first hour, we listen to you at no charge. That's right - the first hour is free. We want to understand your concept and how you got there. We want you to tell us about your key players and what they do. We believe you are passionate about your food and concept. We want to know what you think works in your operation and what you think may not be doing as well as planned.

We assess your business practices - We want to help you make more money doing what you love to do. We work with you to help you implement better management practices

We will not give you advice on your food concept or any individual food items unless you ask for it and we think we might be qualified to help.

We might be able to give you useful options on food production methods for both prep and service that will do one or more of the following: Improve Profit, Decrease Reliance on Labor, Improve Quality through better Handling, and/or make it easier to provide better service to your customers.

We look closely at any available interior and exterior responses to your work.

We develop preliminary proposals for actions in response to your concerns. We go over these proposals with you and create a specific plan then help you put the plan into action.

We Listen – We Assess – We offer Solutions – We help you put those solutions to work

"Sneakers has been a labor of love for me. It has succeeded for nearly 40 years. For many of those years, Sneakers has grown in spite of its location and "seat of my pants” management style. It’s no great mystery how to succeed as a small restaurant business. You have to work your butt off. However, I have learned that you can hedge your bets by employing some tools and principles that ordinarily might belong to large corporations with resources to manage every nuance of business. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until Mark Berry’s coaching led me to more modern systems of menu planning, costing, and inventory control. They are not the sexy or fun parts of the business but you owe it to yourself, employees, and community you serve to do the job right - and Mark is there to help with the grind of developing those important systems. Yes, we still work very hard at this. But we have a lot more to show for it thanks to Mark’s friendship and expertise."
Marc Dysinger, Owner
Sneakers Bistro - Winooski, Vermont