In The Kitchen

Kitchen Design Services

In today’s world, you can depend on a marketplace that is competitive for both customers and qualified employees. Your production facility - your kitchen - must be designed to produce the food products you want to offer, at a quality and speed attractive to your customers, with the most efficient labor plan possible.

Best workflow, the right equipment, high functionality, “cleanability”, least stress possible, and safety are all factors that should be considered in planning your kitchen – all while keeping in mind - your budget.


More Stable and productive workforce - While labor can be expensive, currently the bigger challenge is that qualified employees are becoming very hard to find. You are in a stronger position to attract and retain great employees when you have a great facility in which to work. Employee turnover costs you money all over your operation.

Better Customer Service and Satisfaction  - You will also have a better ability to provide a consistent quality product at the proper speed of service to your customers. Happy customers with confidence in the performance of your operation, return more often.

More turns in your operation = More Revenue - Creating the best workspace, most efficient use of space and flow, as well providing the best equipment applicable to your operation maximizes your ability to increase sales through more turns in your service areas.

Labor Cost Control - A kitchen designed for the most minimized reliance on labor to get the job done, reduces cost and recruiting time.

We have experience in working with architects and design-build companies as well as customers with experience, that act as their own general contractors. 

We can:

  1. Analyze your concept to determine equipment needs.
  2. Analyze your available space for feasibility and advise you on options.
  3. Design your kitchen including production, refrigeration, and storage areas.
  4. Provide you with scale plan drawings, specified equipment, and other information for installation.
  5. Work with your architect, if you have one, while they are in the process of producing permit documents.
  6. Provide you with functionality that gets the job done while maintaining the quality of your concept and that may help you to control labor cost.

If you have an existing facility that you would like us to explore for operational improvement, we can observe it while it is in operation and perhaps offer some options that may both improve performance and save you money on labor expense.

Operational and Production Consulting

We have chefs on our team. If you have problems that urgently need solutions – talk to us. For example - we cannot necessarily replace missing labor personnel, but we might be able to suggest options that could reduce your reliance on the amount of labor that you are currently using.

"We worked closely with Mark Berry to renovate and design our existing kitchen at Two Brothers Tavern and in the creation of a brand new kitchen in our second restaurant - Notte Neapolitan Pizzeria. This was an $800,000 endeavor that needed very careful planning and consideration. At every turn, Mark's eye for design, efficiency and budget was instrumentally important to the success of these projects. He also added invaluable insights and support in helping us find the right professionals to help lead our kitchen team. While Mark is a consummate professional, he added a wonderful personal component that demonstrated that he truly cared about us as people and the success of our businesses. I can honestly say that we would not be where we are today were it not for Mark's professional help. Going forward, we will continue to use Mark and his wealth of knowledge and dedication to help us navigate the many peaks and valleys of this incredible industry."
Megan Brady, Holmes Jacobs & Beal Jacobs
Two Brothers Tavern and Notte Neapolitan Pizzeria - Middlebury, Vermont