Menu Work

Your Menu is your most important in-house and online marketing tool. The look of your menu and the items placed on it tell your customers a lot more than just what they might want for dinner. Style and content placement are two elements that have a profound impact on your profit results. Price points matter as well, but might not be the most important element. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that these days, your menu must also look its best when presented on the Web. We can help you update or recreate your menu to maximize its profit-making potential through:

Menu Analysis

Sales - Item Sales – Item Profit Contribution – Product Sales Mix

Content – Category Breakdown - Strategic Item Placement – Highest Profitable Items Visibility

Appearance – Color, Fonts, Size, Materials, Spatial Readability, Speed Readability


Menu Design

We can explain the importance of each item listed above in an initial meeting with you. After completing the steps listed above, we can assist you in creating a new menu or adjusting your current menu with a more profit strategic design utilizing some of the current visual elements that you are using. While we do not do the actual production of physical menus, we can assist you in connecting with expert graphic designers and printers for the finished product.

A lot of work that needs to be done in menu development is also necessary in other strategic management work. For example, menu item costing is a necessary element of both menu development and food cost management. If you are having us do both food cost work and menu development some of the work activity is the same for both. It is recommended that a client do the Food Cost work before the Menu Work. We can explain more in a conversation.

Menu work can also become highly aligned with your direction to your sales staff. We can discuss details of this as well in a conversation.


Really understanding your menu, its costs, its marketing strategy is important to being able to manage your production and sales staff to your best advantage. 

"Sneakers has been a labor of love for me. It has succeeded for nearly 40 years. For many of those years, Sneakers has grown in spite of its location and "seat of my pants” management style. It’s no great mystery how to succeed as a small restaurant business. You have to work your butt off. However, I have learned that you can hedge your bets by employing some tools and principles that ordinarily might belong to large corporations with resources to manage every nuance of business. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until Mark Berry’s coaching led me to more modern systems of menu planning, costing, and inventory control. They are not the sexy or fun parts of the business but you owe it to yourself, employees, and community you serve to do the job right - and Mark is there to help with the grind of developing those important systems. Yes, we still work very hard at this. But we have a lot more to show for it thanks to Mark’s friendship and expertise."
Marc Dysinger, Owner
Sneakers Bistro - Winooski, Vermont