Online Presence

We highly recommend that restaurants and other foodservice operations work directly with the experts in contemporary communication when developing, and more importantly maintaining, an online presence. Many operators have websites, Facebook, and other social media accounts that may be very effective in helping to market their business. Many start out well and then things start to change – not always for the best. Websites and social media accounts must be managed daily just like those daily activities that must happen in-house to keep the business going.

Maintaining a website is an obligation to its audience. The information must be updated, images refreshed, and blogs written on a regular basis. Inconsistency on website maintenance can be a red flag as to the quality of the mother operation.

The same is true of social media accounts but social media accounts must also be controlled and protected from unintended intervention. Negative reviews should be responded to whenever that option exists. We can help you create your workplace policies and processes for keeping your social media in good shape


Website Design

– We work closely with Eternity, a web design company in Burlington Vermont. They are experts in visual graphic website design, content development, and content maintenance advice. Perhaps more important – they are experts in digital marketing and online analytics.

Social Media

We can recommend a Social Media Manager that can help you keep your operation looking great on-line - keeping current customers and producing new ones. 


Maintaining a vibrant and up to date website and social media presence is now essential to maintaining and growing your business. Conversely, failure to do so sends a potentially damaging message to people who might become customers, as well as to those who are already customers. Failure to have a clean website and excellent social media management will most likely result in lost revenue.

On projects which involve food service kitchen design and layout as well as the related dining flow and proximity relationships, I often begin the process by connecting with Mark. His experience with both the front and back of the house, marketing, delivery, and budget, provides invaluable design assistance. We bring in consultants in the areas of Structure, HVAC and Electrical. In similar fashion I see Mark’s expertise as an integral member of the design team. Mark is open to exploring options as issues of space, character, regulations, and budget come into play. He is a professional’s Professional.
Jay Ancel
Founding Partner, Black River Design Architects